Sometimes I don’t know why I blog, but then still I keep blogging because it connects me to others and helps me record what Sophie is doing right now, before she changes again.


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  1. mamusia2two

    I had to open up an account just to comment on the lunch list and your blog in general. I absolutely love it ! What a great resource on everything from the lunch ideas and the Toddler activities around town ! Good job E, keep it up ! S is growing up so quick and it’s wonderful that you’re documenting all the little things she does because it’s true, they do grow up way too fast !

  2. Robert Polk

    Hi. I follow Amy at “Girl In A Party Hat”.

    I discovered Amy when she spoke a segment on NPR’s “This American Life” podcast. I found Amy via the show credits to send a kind note; she invited me to her blog.

    Here’s the link: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/358/social-engineering (Apparently Amy’s piece is about 10 minutes from the end.)

    Your recent comment on Amy’s blog was transparent & superbly uplifting; all we “regulars” were gratified, but it seemed to be particularly affirming to Amy. Your connection with Amy is a wonder of serendipity.

    Thanks for being you, Friend!

    • elewinnek

      Well, thanks, Robrt! It’s the weird serendipity of the internet that decided Amy & I both blog the words “Sophie” “birthday party” and “May” frequently, so we must be writing about the same things. Of course we’re not writing about the same things, but we do enjoy each other’s blogs and the people we have met through them.

  3. I have a casting call i am doing for 10-12 year olds that are athletic for Target. I wanted to see if you have kids that would be interested in sending pictures or coming to a casting call.

    Pay would be 1500 per child. I can send over the flier with more info if you like. Some info below.
    Do you have a data base that would be interested?

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