Scenes from the Summer

Friends threw me a fabulous book party.

Then, for their annual backpacking trip, this year Ben & Sophie took along seven other dads and daughters. And they had a great time.

Photo: Pretty fun day yesterday.

Evs and I car-camped at the base and now he won’t stop asking for more camping. He has also requested that we change his name to Marshmallow Hotdog. Here he is “hiking” with me.

Photo: Here's what Evs & I did while the girls and dads were doing their hike

Then we went to New England for a reunion with my family. Evs & Sophie got to see their five cousins.

Photo: Cousins

After that, Ben won the California state mountainbiking crosscountry championship.

It’s been quite a summer so far.

Here’s another photo of Hot-diggity-dog Marshmallow, the other morning, attempting to follow his Dad to work.

And here’s my favorite photo of the summer of Sophie.

The un-photographed moments include Evs making good friends at preschool; Soph attending a loving, small art camp; some strife between friends and me; a lot of good play dates; a new fandom for our local library; and jumping in ocean waves. Next up is a two-week trip to Colorado, in the new-to-us adventure van that we just bought from our neighbors. I’ll try to post more often here, after that.


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