I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. Here’s a quick update: Evs is thriving in preschool. His favorite colors are orange, white, and Mommy. He wants to be a horseback rider, baby beluga, or applesauce.  He’s a lot of fun.

Soph is also thriving in first grade. She’s taking classes in jumproping, swimming, and drumming: such a SoCal trilogy. She wants to be a drummer because, she says, drummers get to be the bosses who start every song by counting off the beat, and she likes being the boss.  She’s also planning to build a treehouse, a project which, she decided, should start by raising money with a lemonade stand.

So here they are at their lemonade stand, with our enthusiastic friends:

And here’s Evs in our backyard, above the site where we will probably build the treeless platform-house.

My biggest news, by far, is that the book I have been working on for more than ten years is finally, actually, a real book.

Photo: There it is, in the flesh. Congratulations!





One response to “Thriving

  1. Marla

    Ten thousand congratulations! Hugs to all.

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