The Sorry-I-Haven’t-Posted-in-a-While Post

I just clicked on over and saw that I haven’t blogged here since November. Yikes.

In my head, I have written several blog posts about the unexpectedly amusing overly-bureaucratic process of being Girl Scout Cookie Mom, about our struggles to help Sophie bridge the gap from wanting to hear advanced stories but being able to read only basic ones to herself, about the songs of “Frozen,” and about Everett settling in to preschool, finding his own stubborn independence and deep kind streak, going from tantrums to joy in a flash so quick that I am envious. But I haven’t actually written any of those down.

Lately my family life hasn’t quite coalesced into blog-worthy stories in my mind. Maybe I am just out of the habit. Maybe I am becoming more private or at least more aware of the strangers who stumble on this blog, beyond just you friends and family whom I know.

Maybe, especially as both kids get more articulate, I am experiencing what other mombloggers have already written about: their stories start to feel like theirs to tell, not mine. They are growing up.

So I invite all of you who have been reading here to friend me on facebook. Or, I guess, just be patient. I’ll return to blogging eventually.


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