Edit do dis

This morning, Ben swears Everett declared, “I got this.” What I hear most often from Evs lately is, “Edit do dis,” which, of course, means “Everett is going to do this,” or, more loosley translated, “Let me do this myself, darn you big people always rushing in, I’m getting to it, I’m growing up, do NOT keep me from climbing on the tall granite counter and grabbing that glass jar of baby vitamins. You and your silly only-one-vitamin-a-day rules. Sheesh. Let me do it.”

We’re proud of him, of course. And frustrated, but trying to stand back and let him carry his own little-baby-potty, full of sloshing pee, precariously balanced with his thankfully-baby-proof nightlight. We’ve got a lot of rags and an easy-to-clean floor. And we’re hoping that all his recent bruises will heal soon.



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