Soph in the Sierras

Here’s how Soph spent her long weekend.

Could it get any more adorable than her using the miniature watercolor set that Ben packed to keep her entertained on their alpine adventures?

There are more pictures here. Ben has mastered the art of taking a kindergartener backpacking.

Evs, on the other hand, wasn’t ready, even for the 3-miles-or-shorter hikes that they were doing. Everett is too old to be carried, but too young to move linearly along a path without stopping to smell every flower, leap off every rock, and generally frustrate everybody who’s actually trying to get somewhere. He’s also at that age (1 1/2 to about 2 1/2, I think), when he just won’t sleep in a tent, and I wasn’t quite up for staying up all night for three nights. Also, I didn’t want to pack out poopy diapers. We’ll go car-camping with him next month, but backpacking camping just didn’t seem like it would be a success.

So Evs and I stayed home while Ben & Soph went to the Sierras. I took Evs to the donut store down the street. I took him to the zoo, where he giggled every time a monkey jumped. I took him to our local botanical gardens and almost accidentally stayed past closing time, because he was having so much fun wading in the stream there while I chatted with other parents about the adventures we used to have, before our weekends consisted of going to the children’s play area at the local botanical gardens. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought, staying home. It was nice for each child to get sustained one-on-one time with one parent.

And, next month, I get to take Soph on an adventure, too. We’re going to Guatemala to visit friends in Santiago Atitlan. The prospect of this is cheering me up enormously.


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