Some photos

Lest this blog turn too mopily worried about gender conventions, let me show you some photos.

Ben has been teaching Everett to cook.

And, in preparation for their backpacking trip, Ben taught Soph how to saw the handle off her toothbrush. Of course. I can’t resist pointing out that she’s doing that in a dress she sewed herself, this week at camp, when she learned to use a sewing machine. At home, she asked me to help her sew a stuffed-animal alien, and so we did.

In addition to teaching her to sew, Soph’s sweet little camp also taught her to be a scientist. Here she is explaining her crayon-melting experiment with such aplomb that my heart swelled.

And here is Evs, looking like a Maurice Sendak character.

Here they are together, in our garage, in one of their favorite after-dinner activities, a kind of hybrid of rock-climbing, rappelling, and swinging.

I suppose I don’t have too much conventionality to worry about.


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