Almost 20 Months

Evs has a new morning routine: he wakes up, giggles to let us know he’s awake, and then refuses to get out of his crib. He likes to hang out in there for a while, sipping some milk and assembling some legos.

He can’t yet talk clearly, but he can make his wishes known, so every morning, we keep passing legos into his crib while he babbles happily and instructs us not to open the curtains, not just yet, because it’s still early and he likes his mornings to go slowly.

He also has new opinions about what clothes he wants to wear. If a shirt doesn’t have a fire-engine or a motorcycle on it, he is not interested in it. Fortunately, our large collection of hand-me-downs contains many items of clothing featuring vehicles.

His other favorite item of clothing is women’s shoes.

He’s beginning the promised language explosion, articulating a half-dozen new words every day. He’s debating our no-walking-in-the-street rule. He’s acquiring new skills: assembling wooden train tracks all on his own, actually successfully playing catch almost half the time, and joining in Sophie’s relay races around our backyard bike track.

And he’s at the stage when he doesn’t like to have his photo taken, because he really wants to look at the back-of-the-camera digital display and see the photo already, so why are we pointing the boring front-side of the camera at him, why are we telling him to wait a minute and let us take the photo first, he wants to see that photo NOW.

Here he is, wearing girl’s shoes atop his favorite firetruck-festooned pajamas, upset that he is out of his crib too quickly and not yet permitted to see the photo that doesn’t yet exist. Also upset that he isn’t yet capable of riding his Dad’s bike to his Dad’s work, even though he is capable of getting his bike helmet on.

The difference with a second child is that now I understand why people say, “Enjoy every minute.” I know this doesn’t quite mean to enjoy the tantrums, but to recognize that it will all change so quickly, and so to take it lightly without too much worrying — just relishing what is relishable. Soph’s bemused expression here is one of my favorite things in this photo. Also her curls, and the adorable freckles that are sprinkling themselves across both my children’s faces.



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