Adventures in Kid Biking

I have a bike that works like a minivan, holding up to 3 children behind (4)

It wasn’t raining at 8:05, when I got Sophie and Everett on our bike for the ride to school.

It started raining at 8:06.

Then it started really raining. I had to tuck my head in to avoid the cold hail on my face. Poor Everett already had a runny nose, and this was probably just making it worse.

But behind me, on the bike, Sophie happily sang, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”

I apologized for accidentally subjecting her & Everett to the harsh rain. “Don’t worry, Mama, it’s good for the flowers,” she said.


One response to “Adventures in Kid Biking

  1. Dinorah

    I want your “mini-van” albeit it would be a hike for us!

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