Our homemade valentines

I’m proud of this year’s Valentines, so I’m sharing the instructions with you.

Buy the heart-shaped ice-cube trays from the dollar bin at Target. Buy some light-colored cardstock while you’re there, too.

Tear the wrapping off any broken or light-colored crayons, break the crayons up into the heart trays, then stick it in the oven at 225 til the crayons melt together. This is surprisingly fun to do.

Print out the cute card here.

Then use duct tape or foam adhesive tape to attach your multicolored heart crayons to the card.

Voila: A cute, gender-neutral, non-corn-syrupy, useful, cheerful Valentine easy to make in large batches for the whole class.

Thanks to The Long Thread for the idea, and more DIY Valentine’s ideas here.



2 responses to “Our homemade valentines

  1. Dinorah

    Awesome! The ice cube trays don’t melt? I want to do that but I think I may have reached the saturation level of my creativity with S’s birthday cookies! Thanks for the DIY instructions!

  2. elewinnek

    I was worried about that, but the silicone trays stood up well to 10 minutes in the oven at less than 250 degrees.

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