Drive to School

On today’s drive to school, Sophie was chatting about all the different colors the ocean can be in our town: gray-green, light blue, dark blue, almost-black-blue, white-yellow-sparkly, turquoise… Yesterday, she was asking me to explain the music of the Dave Brubeck Band, She requested to stay in the car until “Take Five” ended, so she could hear all the moods of that song. She also asked me to explain the etymology of surnames (“That person looks like my librarian, who is Mrs. Jones. And my gym teacher is also named Mrs. Jones, but she’s not the same person. And Daddy is Mr. Jones. Why do so many people have the last-name Jones?”) and the reasons behind the multiple holidays in December.

She’s pretty great.

Soph slackline

Here she is, digging a hole to anchor a slack-line (it’s like a tightrope, sorta) in our backyard.


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