“Is Sophie loving her new birthday bike?” our biking friends keep asking. She likes it okay.

But she’s never had to wait for a bike. She knows that bikes are like crayons or books, to us: we always make sure she has as much as she wants. She’s spoiled that way. I think she was more excited for her birthday sleepover and birthday trip to Disney — and I think I’m happy that she prefers experiences to objects.

Of course, I’m hoping that her new bike will lead to new experiences. But last weekend, Ben planned to take Sophie mountain-biking among the wildflowers around Laguna Lake. I was going to hike alongside with Everett in his carrier. When we got up in the mountains, after the hour car-ride, Soph looked at me walking with Everett and, in solidarity, declared that she didn’t want to ride her bike.

“Are you sure?” we asked. “Biking is more fun.”

She was sure. So we walked, and we talked, and Ben & I tried to not feel too disappointed that she’s not as fanatic a biker as we are. She is a very cheerful hiker after all. And then, when she got tired during the hike back, she caught a ride on Ben’s bike.

We don’t want to over-push biking on our kids. But it’s what our family does.

Here is Sophie, enjoying the bike-track Ben has built in our backyard, just before she upgraded to her big new birthday bike:

We’re trying not to over-push bikes, but we can’t help enjoying them ourselves. Here’s some other friends on Sophie’s bike-track.

Photo: Hardcore cyclists in our backyard


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