Arugula Baby

Everett is crawling. He is also desperate to feed himself, although teething biscuits are about all he can handle on his own. Even though the boy chokes on his own spoon, he really wants to figure out this self-feeding thing. So I’ve offered him a sippy-cup of water, some hard baguette (not a good idea, even though it did resemble a teething biscuit), and some soft melon. Most of this makes a mess and risks choking, too. You know what’s worked best so far? The stem of arugula.

That’s my gourmet piggy independent baby.

Other things Everett likes: his firetruck toy, his own toes, flirting with strangers, watching birds, playing in sand, and dancing. Also bouncing. He does a happy-bounce whenever he sees a family member or a stranger who really intrigues him. His favorite strangers are bearded, tattooed, or elderly. I think he likes anyone who looks a little different from his norm.

He also likes rubbing his own head. It’s how he puts himself to sleep.

He likes playing peek-a-boo, pulling a blanket or towel over his head, then dramatically removing it. In almost any game of peekaboo, he can crack himself up so much that he snort-laughs.



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