Almost crawling

He’s trying really hard to reach the cat. I think the cat is grateful that he can’t quite crawl to her yet.

In other news: he now giggles when I put him in his bike-seat.

He has a fear of night-time car-rides. It’s almost the only thing that bothers him. During the day, he is happy to ride in the car and gaze out the window, but after dark, he starts crying so vehemently that he chokes on his own desperate sobbing, so I have to pull over to make sure he’s still breathing, and then the whole tortuous night-time car-ride takes even longer. We try to work around this by always getting home by 5 pm.

But yesterday we met some friends for pizza and we found another work-around. Ev has a terror of riding in the car after dark, but it turns out he is just fine with riding on the bike after dark.

Life is good.

We even found him a bike helmet, although I had to sew the interior portion to make it fit.


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