Viruses are Taking Over My House

“The x-rays show your baby does not have pneumonia,” the doctor said. Phew — except, do you know how scary it is to take an infant in because his breathing is labored? His wheezing breath gurgles round his ribcage. Apparently, he has bronchiolitis, which is medical-speak for a very bad flu in a very little baby.

Sophie, meanwhile, has acute double ear infections. She hadn’t complained about her ears hurting, so this took us by surprise. All we had noticed was that, after her own bout with some nasty viruses, all of a sudden she was speaking in a teensy meek voice (that drove me nuts), and then in a too-loud voice while constantly asking, “What? What did you say?” (that drove me nuts too). She told me she couldn’t hear the directions at school. So we took her in, she failed an audiology exam, and then she got on antibiotics and got much better.

Southern California wasn’t supposed to have colds or flus like this.


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