Four Months and Three Weeks

Dear Ev, now that you are one week away from being 5 months old, you have learned to reach for everything, especially everything edible. We are learning to try to keep the open jar of peanut-butter out of your reach. You are starting to almost sit up on your own, trying constantly to stand, and oh so proud of yourself every time you roll halfway over.

When you wake up from a nap, you don’t cry. You just gaze calmly around. Then, when someone familiar looms into your line of sight, you do a whole-body happy dance, kicking your feet and waving your arms with pleasure. When other people laugh, you laugh too. It is truly amazing how often you wake up happy. I hope this lasts your lifetime.

You are such a great baby. Look, here’s your first report card, from your first day at day care: We have started calling you good bebe, because Sara (your teacher) is right. You’ve only been to daycare four days now, but after that first day, as soon as I pull into the daycare driveway, you start giggling. You like to hold hands with Alice, the other baby at this small in-home daycare. Alice is one day younger than you. You two burble together, making up your own language already. When you come home from daycare days (Tuesdays & Thursdays), you burble extra to me. I think you’re trying to tell me about your exciting day. I may just be seeing only the positives out of my working-mom guilt, but your sister loved this in-home daycare too.

We’re having a little too much fun dressing you in the great hand-me-downs our friends keep giving us.

You are fascinated by our cat, growing quiet every time you see her, watching, watching, with fascination. You squeal happily when I kiss the very-kissable bottoms of your feet — but you are also happy to be left alone, calmly watching the world. You are such a great bebe and already growing up so fast.

Now if only you could sleep through the night. Actually, I take that back. You’re  already fabulous in so many ways, and I know that sleep will come soon enough.


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