Cargo Bike, Day 3

Laurel of Alternabike gave me a dozen business-cards, which I stuck in the saddlebag, thinking they’d last a while. They didn’t last. I gave all of them out today at the park, when so many people asked me, “Where can I get one?”

We did our longest bike-ride today: 1 mile down a steep hill to breakfast & a long lazy morning at the park, and then almost 2 miles taking the more gentle uphill route home. Ev’s hat flew off: we need to find him some better helmet. Also, I forgot to bring a lock, but my town is safe enough that the bike stayed where we left it outside the breakfast cafe and then on the edge of the park. On the long ride home, Soph said she wanted to sleep, but I encouraged her to sing instead. I’m going to have to learn to better schedule bike-time to avoid nap-time. Ev started crying for the last quarter-mile home, til I breezed quickly down a little hill (and Soph took up singing) & that calmed him down nicely. Still, I think I’m going to have to stick to one-mile rides for a while, at least until Evs is a little older.

Even with those little snafus, it was still fabulous to combine my exercise-time & family-time & outdoor-time. Soph filled up the saddlebag with treasures she found at the park, and it was nice knowing we had the space to carry home anything she wanted, no matter how long a fallen palm branch she wanted to collect. At the park, people kept bringing their spouses over: “Hey, honey, did you see this bike? It holds three people! We could use a bike like this.” That bike is going to be the center of attention for a while.

I’m thinking of naming her Bessie.


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