Cargo Bike Hooray

Isn’t that fabulous? Thanks to our friends at Alternabike and Velohangar, I can now bike both kids at once. And groceries too. Preschool is less than a mile away, so I never have to drive there again. Beach parking? No problem. Finding time to exercise? I just turned all my commuting into exercising. And, next year, other people will have the headache of waiting in long lines of cars at elementary-school dropoff while I bike right up to the door. I don’t mean to boast, but I am excited. My new bike is awesome. She’s stable, too, just a hardy giant caboose of a bike.

The only drawback is that I haven’t yet found an infant-sized bike helmet; they all seem toddler-sized. But I feel pretty safe in my neighborhood & in my biking skills, so today I just dressed Ev in that European-style beret and off we went for our first family bike ride. He seemed more bewildered than thrilled, but he tolerated it, and I am pretty sure that soon he will be enjoying it as much as Sophie.


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