Chistmas in SoCal

This blog may have given the false impression that we are fanatics about celebrating Christmas. The photos we have been posting on facebook seem to tell a story of near-constant holiday ritual.

That doesn’t even include the TWO trips to see Santa at the San Diego Botanical Gardens, which are magically lit up at night all December. Or the Daddy-daughter trip to the Nutcracker. Or the many Christmas parties and one Hannukah party we’re attending this week. Or the fun trips to drop off Christmas cookies and cards to everyone we love. Or the drives around town, enthusiastically shouting “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!” every time we see Christmas lights.

But, oddly, I keep feeling guilty that we aren’t celebrating the season enough. Some nights we forget to open Soph’s advent calendar (mostly because we’re out late at Christmas parties, but still). Most nights, we forget to light the candles on our advent wreath. We skipped our town’s Christmas parade this year (partly because of another party that day, I think: it’s all a blur, really). And I had to modify the shout-at-Christmas-lights ritual with the addendum that if Everett is sleeping in the car, we have to try to speak quietly enough not to frighten him.

I was trying to figure out why, no matter how much I do, it doesn’t seem enough. Then I figured it out. It’s because it’s sunny and 60 degrees out. It’s Southern California. It will never fully feel like Christmas to me.


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