Places I Have Breastfed

This is also, of course, a list of places I have recently exposed myself in public.

  • the beach
  • the bathroom — especially while giving Soph a bath or helping her brush her teeth, although it is hard to help her brush her teeth when I have only one hand free
  • every room in our house, including the garage
  • at yoga class
  • various bike races. Watching the races, not racing.
  • my office. I use a hooter hider, there, although elsewhere I confess I don’t always bother with that scarf cover-up.
  • my classroom — just once, when the sitter brought Everett over for the break-time in my 3-hour seminar.
  • the aisles of Costco. Thanks to my ring-sling, I can actually breast-feed while pushing a shopping cart, even the ginormous Costco carts.
  • hiking at Torrey Pines State Park and along the Pacific Coast Highway. Yes, I’m especially proud of this mobile breast-feeding.
  • while trick-or-treating. My halloween costume this year was regular SoCal Mom attire: knock-off ugg boots from Costco, yoga pants worn all day, and a semi-interesting t-shirt, accessorized with a 14-pound infant in an elephant costume who was conducting his usual 5-7 pm nursing marathon. I think this costume was either SuperMom or FoolishMom, or maybe both.
  • the parking-lot of Target — and other parking lots too numerous to remember, across California, Arizona, and New Mexico.
  • dirt roads by the side of the highway on our recent road-trip to Navajo Nation. Somehow, with my first baby, I don’t remember spending this much time sitting in the front seat of a parked car, feeding her.
  • inside a reconstructed Anasazi kiva — after I said a silent prayer to the Pueblo Indians’ ancestors, telling them I meant no disrespect. I assume the kiva people had to feed their babies, too?
  • every single restaurant I have eaten in since September 13
  • my friends’ living rooms
  • beside other breastfeeding babies. Will Pippa, Calvin, or Kyler remember that they used to breast-freed side-by-side with Everett? Will they stay friends that long? I hope so.
  • in the parking lot of Sophie’s school. Also, once in her classroom, when I arrived for pick-up while the preschoolers were still eating snack. Everett is a hungry baby and he likes to eat whenever he sees others eating. This may be why, at 2 months old, he is wearing the 9-month-size clothing.
  • at the swimming-pool where Soph takes swim-lessons. Also at her gymnastics lessons, when she took those.
  • at the doctor’s office. Ev likes to reassure himself, in new places, by breastfeeding. It makes him feel more comfortable to know his food is there.
  • while playing hide-and-go-seek with Sophie. It gives the game an extra challenge.

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