Halloween Photos

I haven’t blogged in a while, because I’ve been busy, going back to work and also working to reassure Sophie that she still gets a lot of my attention, despite the new baby. Now that he’s almost two months old, she has started to get angry at me — although fortunately not at him. I think this may be the time when she realizes he’s not going away and he’s not growing up fast enough for her taste, either. Every time he cries that he’s hungry, she starts to cry that she desperately needs help with her play-dough, or doll’s dress, or something else extremely crucial, and she can’t understand why I don’t attend to her cries first.

She’s still a great big sister, but her attempts to include him in her play include dancing her dolls on his bald head while singing, “We’re dancing round the moon.”

We’ll reach equilibrium again soon, and I’ll post more fully then.

In the meantime, here are some belated Halloween photos to enjoy.

Sophie was a flapper.

It turns out that some people do not know what a flapper is. We heard murmurings from strangers who thought we dressed our daughter as a prostitute.

Sophie, of course, did not know what a flapper was, either. She simply picked the costume with the most pink sequins on it, when we went to our local second-hand-store. But then she asked me what a flapper is, listened carefully to my explanation, then commented, “It’s good I chose this costume, because sometimes I like to break stupid rules, too, like flappers.”


Our town has a halloween event where all the downtown stores give out candy. The monks and nuns from the Self-Realization Fellowship carve giant pumpkins and put on a performance of The Queen of Halloween, who blesses people with a wish. Sophie was absolutely enchanted by this. She went up twice.


We’re not sure how much Everett enjoyed all the halloween shenanigans, but he sure was cute.



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