Camping with an Infant

We first took Soph camping when she was 3 months old, at a campground 30 minutes from home, so we knew we could go home easily if necessary. It wasn’t necessary. So, this time around, we were ready to take Everett camping earlier and farther. We took our 5-week-old newborn to Joshua Tree National Park.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. There’s no airplane trip to worry about, no rental car to wedge your carseat into, no restaurants to shush your child at. There are no hotel beds to fall off of, because a tent is pretty much already childproof.


I think Ev slept better than he does at home, even though it took us a night or two to learn that an adult’s down jacket, zipped up, makes a perfect infant sleeping bag, even better than the fleece-blanket-swaddling we’d been using. Fortunately, the temperatures were mostly temperate, and, since Everett isn’t yet rolling over, all he needed during the day was a beach-towel to lie on or an adult to hold him, while he took in the scenery with wide open eyes.



All Sophie needed was marshmallows to roast, and, even more importantly, a friend her age to play with.



A good campsite is better than a playground.



We even did some technical rock-climbing. Well, barely technical. There’s a photo of me, belaying Sophie.

It was a great three days, well worth the exhaustion of planning & packing & driving & then clean-up.





2 responses to “Camping with an Infant

  1. Val

    Glad you are getting back into the groove! Takes me back to traveling to many a National Park in a VW bus with two month old Stephanie and three year old Leonie – hope you will have as great memories as I have. Val

  2. Marla

    Great pictures! And you’re right, a good campground IS better than a playground!

    My 24-yr-old “baby” was just recently recalling how she LOVED playing in the many various campgrounds we visited. She still recalled a favorite, along with an imaginary game she played there with her big sister, our first baby whom we took camping at a few weeks old. At the time I wondered if Chuck and I were nutty, but it worked out fine.

    Happy memory-making!

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