Ben has been taking more photos, lately, so it’s time to blog them.

Here is beer-making at our house.

Making beer with Yogo and Tokuhara

As you can see from the background, kid stuff is taking over our home decor. But, as the foreground demonstrates, Ben is not forgetting the grownup stuff.

Sophie & I have been swimming a lot lately, and dealing with afternoon grouchiness, and also deciding to switch to a preschool with longer hours — which I’ll blog about soon, after I attempt to finish all the research projects that I wanted to finish before Everett arrives.

What I have photos of is that, last weekend, we camped at the beach.

July camping in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Friends joined us for whiskey and s’mores at sunset.

July camping in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

As I wrote on facebook, I can now confirm that people who are 8 months pregnant shouldn’t attempt to sleep in a tent. But, since I have trouble sleeping anyway at this stage of pregnancy, I figured I might as well not-sleep someplace beautiful. I got to see a 2am rave on the beach (which at first resembled a bad sci-fi movie, with its flickering lights and ambient trance music, until I figured out what it was), and the moon’s arc across the sky, 5am leaping dolphins, and a 6am beach-rescue. Soph liked the beach-rescue, too: an elderly surfer hurt his back, and watching all the other surfers, early-morning-beach-walkers, and emergency personnel who came to help was exciting. What toddler doesn’t like multiple sirens and knowing that help is on the way? We also got to see impressive sand-castle-building, and the slightly-more-disturbing sight of Navy Seals training. Sophie’s conclusion: “Those men are exercising, but their teachers are mean.”

The biggest consequence from our weekend of beach-camping is that now Sophie is obsessed with David Wiesner’s book, Flotsam. I don’t mind (much) reading this two or three times a day, since it is an incredible book.  Soph’s capacity to appreciate good stories is one of my favorite things about her four-year-old-ness.


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