Parenting Conundrum #2356: What do you do with a sick toddler?

How do you even know she’s sick? She was bouncing off the walls at home, but as soon as we took her to a friend’s Easter party, she had curled up on a stranger’s bed, sleeping feverishly, making me look like an even more neglectful parent than I already am. How much of your plans do you cancel when you think your toddler is sick?

Soph’s not bad now, but for 3 days she had an intenseĀ virus. It started with her shivering uncontrollably in the supermarket on Saturday morning (but how do you stop grocery-shopping, especially when your cart is half-full and you’re shopping for a dinner party?), then sleeping throughout our own party that afternoon and a friends’ party the next day. Her throat hurt so much, she ate very little for two days, and her fever was 101. She’s fine, now, but for a few days, my girl who can never stay still — and never voluntarily naps — was napping three times a day, and cuddling quietly in my lap the rest of the time.

Of course she couldn’t go to school on Monday, after a weekend like that. What do you other working parents do? When she’s infectious, we can’t use our ordinary backup-childcare options of sending Sophie to play at a friends’ house. Instead, I take the morning off, then Ben takes the afternoon off or a sitter comes over. Are there any other options?

Mostly, I’m grateful that I didn’t get sick, too.


One response to “Parenting Conundrum #2356: What do you do with a sick toddler?

  1. Alicja

    Here’s a few nanny/sitter recommendations I gathered from the PC posts. They may be pricey but will probably work in a last minute crunch: 858-829-9051 (760) 207-3142 877-41-SITTER

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