Easter Unaffiliated

I’m not too worried about the big questions. “What are those giraffes doing at the zoo?” Well, honey, that’s a special kind of hug. That’s all she needs to know about sex right now. “What happens after death?” Well, some people believe in Heaven, some people believe bodies turn into flowers and trees, some people believe you’re reborn as a new baby, some people believe that souls unite in a kind of cloud of light like fluttering butterflies… Sophie gives me one of her typical looks, declares with certainty that she believes in reincarnation, and the conversation is done, for now.

It’s the small questions that trump me. “What is Easter?” Well, ummm, first there was a goddess named Esther, who liked flowers & spring & bunnies. Then there was a newer god, whose son was Jesus, who wanted the holiday to be about him, so the people kind of combined Esther’s holiday and Jesus’s holiday. They shared. Bunnies don’t really lay eggs, and it’s all kind of random, but we still like colored eggs and chocolate bunnies and jellybeans too. I don’t really understand it myself, so it’s hard to explain to Sophie. Maybe we really ought to find ourselves a religious community, to explain Easter better than I seem able to.

My own family traditions of Easter involve elaborately decorated hats, rich food, and wind-up toys. Sometimes the wind-up toys go on the hats.

So far, Sophie and I have just dyed eggs.


2 responses to “Easter Unaffiliated

  1. Edith Fenton

    Easter is about mysteries,
    of eggs
    of wind-up toys
    of afterlife.

  2. e961

    Easter is about mysteries
    of hats
    of eggs
    of wind-up toys
    of afterlife

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