Rehearsing Big Sister-hood

The past two weeks of house guests means we’ve eaten almost too much Bull Taco and Bestawan Pizza — but I don’t think too much is possible. We have also gotten to see how Sophie adjusts to new people in the household.

It turns out that she adjusts remarkably well. She started calling Ben’s British colleague “Steve Joe,” since he reminded her of both hosts of Blue’s Clues. That’s almost as if I, growing up, had called one of my parents’ friends “Mr. Rogers.” We are lucky to have such good friends.

Best of all, Sophie got along with two-year-old Noah.

It was almost a rehearsal for big-sister-hood — a very easy rehearsal, since Noah is one of the sweetest two-year-olds I have ever met. Sophie enjoyed his company, enjoyed trying to teach him all she knew, and even (usually) accepted that he would simply ignore her bossiness part of the time.

“Noah, stand over there, play catch with me!” did not lead to the kind of tantrums that I expected it to lead to, because Noah simply wandered off to play with crayons instead. Even Sophie understood that Noah wasn’t resisting her on purpose; he was just being two. It was great to see that there are natural limits to her bossiness.

Sophie also showed remarkable initiative at hiding the few toys she did not want to share.

Sophie & Noah entertained each other, for hours, while us parents carried on adult conversations. It made having two children seem actually feasible.

I can only hope that our baby is as sweet as Noah.


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