Toddler Classes

I didn’t ever want to be the kind of parent who over-schedules their child into a micromanaged day. But, lately, Sophie is not only enrolled in school 5 days a week (til 2 pm), but she also has a weekly swim class AND a weekly dance class. Because all her friends are doing it. Because she loves these classes so much that she begs for them every day, and endlessly practices her swimming or dancing skills whenever she can. Because how can you resist this?

My friend Jane was wise enough to take her camera to ballet class, where she took this beautiful shot. I don’t know why it looks so small here. But, really, how can you resist all those girls eager to pirouette?

My only consolation is that I have recently declared that Sophie can only watch 20 minutes of television a day. That girl will have free unstructured play time, I swear she will.

And she looks so adorable in her tutu.

Update: Here is further adorable evidence that Sophie is thrilled to be in dance class. Thanks to Jane for uploading this video to her blog, although she doesn’t even live on Quail Street any more.


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