A word for that

Sophie told me that there’s a word that mean sitting by a fire in a chiminea, playing with Daddy, making moon-wishes, getting a new pig toy, being warm, cuddling with Mommy, and going to sleep.


3 responses to “A word for that

  1. Dad

    So what is the word? Some of my thoughts are

  2. elewinnek

    I would call it a happy home routine, but Sophie’s particular word for this is “Chocka.” As I was rubbing her back before bedtime, she was whispering to herself, “Chocka chocka chocka chocka.” I asked her what “chocka” means, and this blog-post is the answer she gave me, combining the activites we had done that night with a few activities we had done a few nights ago.

  3. Wow. I love this. Chocka indeed!

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