Flower Girl to the Rescue

Sophie has decided what she wants to be when she grows up, so firmly that her plans have remained consistent for almost half a year now, which is an eternity in toddler-time. Sophie plans to become Flower-Girl-to-the-Rescue. This is a superhero whom she has invented, as far as I can tell. Her job will be to sell flowers that, she tells me, will make unhappy people happy. She will also wear a cape and rescue people, of course. She will also, somehow, be a nurse/doctor (the difference between the two titles, in her mind, seems to be entirely gendered) who also wears a cape. And rescues people.

I don’t think we’ve ever actually bought flowers, so I don’t quite know where this fantasy came from, though I do vaguely recall one Backyardigans episode where Uniqua was a flower-seller battling Austin over whether the world should be sunny or eternally shadowed. Sophie is firmly in the sun camp and firmly convinced that she will be saving the world and making all unhappy people happy. She insisted that I write on her doctor’s-kit, in the space for a name-tag: “Dr. Sophie to the rescue.”


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