We have big news: I’m pregnant. It’s early days yet — the baby isn’t due until Sept 12th — but I don’t understand why people believe in keeping pregnancies secret for the first 4 months. I mean, I technically know why: they’re afraid something will go wrong. But if we encounter a tragedy, I would want everyone to know that, too, because I would need that support. And in the meantime, it seems odd to keep happiness a secret.

So far, Sophie seems almost as excited about this news as I am. She’s making her plans for everything she will have to teach the baby. She assures me she is going to teach the baby to walk without dropping it. She’s carefully considering whether she wants to change every diaper or just the peed-on ones, not the poopy ones. And she’s asking lots of questions that just make my heart melt.

This morning, clutching the green fleece blanket that she has slept with every single day of her life, Sophie asked, “Mommy, when the baby comes, will I give it my blankie?”

“No,” I said, “you get to keep your special blankie. It’s yours forever.”

“But I want to share my blankie with the baby,” she said.

“We’ll get the baby its own blankie, so you both can sleep with blankies,” I said.

“Okay, well, make sure you get the baby a green blankie,” Sophie said. Green blankets are her favorite. “Make sure it’s fuzzy on one side and fluffy on the other, too, just like mine. It’s best that way.”


8 responses to “Expecting

  1. karla

    wowzers! congrats!

  2. Tracy

    Oh Elaine, I’m so excited for you! I should tell you that I’m pregnant, too! We are due May 9th and it’s a girl.

    • elewinnek

      Oh my goodness, Tracy, that’s wonderful! And that makes your current bad-health sound even less pleasant. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Alicja

    Elaine, what wonderful news ! Sophie is so precious, you know she’s going to be such a wonderful big Sis !

    Congratulations to all three of you !

  4. variableclouds

    Wow! Congratulations! I am actually more surprised this time than the first time you were pregnant- but Sophie sounds like such a treat, I can see why you’re up for more joy! All my best to your whole family.

  5. “Make sure it’s fuzzy on one side and fluffy on the other, too, just like mine. It’s best that way.” Awwww, that is one terrifc sounding blanket! Congratulations.

  6. Marla

    Great, happy news, Elaine! Best wishes to all four of you!

  7. Leonie

    congratulations elaine! so happy for you. despite the sleepless nights of newborn land, life with two is utterly amazing. it’s been far easier for us to add #2 than iit was to welcome #1. quinn’s a loving and hilarious big brother. and from all i’ve heard about sophie i am sure she will relish her new role in the family. once again, huge congrats. hope you’re feeling good. big hugs to you all.

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