Superhero Capes

I just used my sewing machine for only the second time since Sophie was born. In the playgroup Secret Santa circle, I drew the name of a little boy who loves capes, and so it just made sense to sew him one, because, really, that is the perfect gift under $5. And then I sewed one for his sister. And then on Friday, I plan to sew one for Sophie, one for Soph’s best friend, and then — if I have any steam left — I think maybe one for my nephew and niece. Because they came out gorgeously. I’m feeling like a superhero right now, just for sewing two superhero capes.

I’m also feeling very grateful to all the bloggers who post such great directions and the others who post photos of completed capes. I’ll get around to posting my own, soon, I hope, but you don’t really need that — just follow those links, and you too can make a superhero cape.

UPDATE: My sewing machine broke on Friday, but a very strange actually-elfish man fixed it, so on Saturday, I sewed my third superhero cape. It is difficult to photograph, though, because it turns out that caped superheroes don’t like to stand still.


4 responses to “Superhero Capes

  1. Tory

    LOVE the cape! What a great idea! 🙂

    • elewinnek

      Tory, any time you want to come over & use my sewing machine, you are welcome to it. These capes take less than an hour to sew. Or maybe Mila has outgrown cape-play? Did she like the bouldering gym?

      • Tory

        We havent gone yet. The grandparents are here (from IN) and Matt had surgery so luckily I havent needed to use many of my burn off some energy ideas- YET! This rain is relentless! And thanks. Maybe Ill come once our family goes back! She hasnt talked about a cape but I think she would love it.

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