Santa arrived with an escort of two fire-trucks, sirens and lights and all on, for the tree-lighting ceremony at our beach-front park tonight. We haven’t yet even visited our favorite Santa, near the wildly decorated cacti accompanied by trucked-in-snow. Something about Southern California’s balmy weather makes us overemphasize Christmas, I think. Or maybe it’s just a job hazard of parenting.

In any case, Sophie loves our advent calendar. We let her eat those advent chocolates first thing in the morning, when our house is actually chilly.Sophie also loves the advent chimes that my mother always called a Swedish Christmas Tree.

You probably can’t tell from that photo, but Advent Chimes are a fabulously nifty thing: each Sunday of Advent, you get to include another candle on this little candelabra contraption. (This photo, you see, is from the first week in Advent, hence there is only one candle, which Sophie has just finished blowing out.) The heat from the lit candles stirs the fan, causing the angels with the belly-button-rings to ring the bells ever faster and ever louder, as Christmas approaches. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one these things. Maybe it’s because I can’t even remember their name.

And, as I already mentioned, ginger-bread-house construction.

We decorated our tree this morning, but I didn’t get any photos of that, yet.


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