Solving North Korea’s Problems Like a Three-Year-Old

While I was driving Sophie to daycare this morning, NPR explained that North Korea had attacked South Korea. “Oh no,” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Sophie wanted to know. I tried to put it in appropriate language: there’s a bad man in charge of a country, and he should use his words to solve problems but instead he’s fighting, and some people just got hurt, but, for now, everyone else was moved to a safe place. Still, it’s a scary country. “What country?” Sophie wanted to know. I tried to tell her about a place where the people are hungry, and very few people can go in & out. “But why isn’t there more food?” she asked, and — although I couldn’t really explain that in language she could understand — she still proposed a solution.

“I know! Maybe when the bad man goes away for a minute, we can sneak in and give the people food. Then they won’t be hungry and maybe they won’t be fighting.” Sophie has surprisingly wonderful wisdom. Then she added: “If they’re not home, we will just leave the food at their door.”



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