The Sunny Side

Thanks to military friends & Ben’s bike team, we got to do our annual camping on a remote beach only 20 minutes from our house — and it was so remote that we could actually see the Milky Way. Then, the next day, we went trick-or-treating in our fabulous downtown and acquired too many Milky Ways. But, thanks to a tip from coolmompicks, I have told Sophie that we will leave the candy at our door for the Switch Witch, who takes Halloween candy and replaces it with a toy. I really like this Switch Witch.

Here are two mermaid friends on Halloween:

Halloween 2010

And two other friends:

Halloween 2010

Now, thanks to more friends, we are selecting between several loving preschool options for Sophie.

There is the 20-person nursery school in a storefront space in a minimall, which friends say “has low curb appeal, but walk inside and it’s one of the most loving, nurturing spaces you’ll ever find.” It encourages learning with all senses, and I watched the older, experienced teachers doing a lot of tiny acts of redirecting children’s play which added up to an incredibly supportive, creative, and attentively loving atmosphere. Plus, they were doing cool painting with corncobs. But it closes at 2 pm, so twice a week we’d need to pay a sitter to pick up Sophie & watch her for two hours. As long as we could find a sitter, though, it’s actually cheaper than where she is now, and it has openings.

Then there’s the ultra-fancy Montessori school, full of gorgeous equipment and European teachers with extensive Montessori training. It doesn’t have openings until January, but I think there will be a space there then, and I think we can afford the higher pricetag, since it does have the 2-day-a-week aftercare we need.

There’s also an 8-person in-a-home Montessori school that we’re visiting on Friday, but it, too, shares the 2 pm problem. Do other parents really not work?

There’s also an in-church school that we’ll tour next week, that several friends love, and the incredibly well-regarded Y school that might have some space, but both of those seem large to me, and I think Sophie might thrive best in a small community. We’ll see. This finding a new preschool thing sure takes a lot of time, and takes a toll on Sophie, who thinks that it might be her fault that I am trying to find her a new school — or maybe she’s just moody from too many milky ways.

But we’re doing okay, really. I got a shiatsu massage this week which left me euphoric for days, despite the preschool mess. Sophie & I get to go to children’s yoga this weekend. My recent blog entries might seem like life is bleak, but it’s actually 88 degrees out right now & almost too sunny.

If you, dear readers, have any ideas about which new preschool I should choose, I welcome your suggestions.

I love the way that blogging keeps me connected to this wonderfully supportive community.


2 responses to “The Sunny Side

  1. The Switch Witch! Are you kidding me? That’s a brilliant idea. Why didn’t I know about this? Wonder if I could convince the 6 year old 😉 (surely not)

    I love reading the blog. Good luck with the preschool search.

    • elewinnek

      Sativa, the blog-admiration is mutual! It’s odd, because we don’t have much in common, at least nothing superficial — but I love those library cards on your blog (and can tell you the history of some of those books), and I had a good friend in grad school write her dissertation about Mormon women’s memory, and I just love your writing & your attitude.

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