I Wanna Ponnnnnnnneeeeeey

Of course, after such a positive blog post, Sophie was due to remind me that she’s not perfect. She ran away from us at the beach. She never does that, but she did: she just wanted to get back to the car where she knew there was pirate’s booty. On the way back to the car, she took a detour through the campground giftshop, where she shoplifted a barbie make-up kit, before I apprehended her and put it back on the shelf. Then, for the entire five-minute walk to the car, she squirmed in my arms, sobbing loudly, and screeching: “I wanna pony! I wannnna ponnnnnnnnneeeeeey! I wanna pony.”

People passing us by didn’t even smile understandingly.


One response to “I Wanna Ponnnnnnnneeeeeey

  1. amysilverman

    OF COURSE she ran away after that terrific blog post. it’s always the way — when you least expect it. hey, i get it. i love pirate’s booty. congrats to you both for three and a half fabulous years.

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