Single Parenting, Temporarily

How do single parents do it? Yesterday I forgot Sophie’s shoes. Today I forgot to turn off the waffle iron. Thank goodness I didn’t burn the house down. Thank goodness that we’re halfway through our 10 days of single-parenting.

When I filled out the list of people permitted to pick Sophie up from her new school, the teacher said, “Wow, that’s a lot of people. You’re lucky.”

I am lucky — but I also, honestly, need every single one of those emergency contacts. Last year, Ben was away from home for four months. This year, he’ll only be away from home for a total of four weeks all year, but it’s not getting any easier.

I asked five different people before I found someone to pick up Sophie tomorrow, to feed her dinner while I work late. And I had three more people in mind whom I could have asked.

I have to work Friday this week, too (normally my free day with Sophie) and I’ve told my department chair that I’m just bringing Sophie along to that meeting.

Then I have another meeting on Saturday, too. I’m not going to force Sophie into two meetings in a row — and 2 days in a row of my 70-mile-each-way commute — so we had a sitter all arranged. Then, this morning, right after I rushed home to turn off the waffle iron, our Saturday sitter cancelled. Another friend stepped up, within five minutes, to fill the breach. Whew.

How do single parents keep this up indefinitely?


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