This week in pictures

Now that she has graduated from daycare, Sophie and I have a couple weeks to play together before our camping vacation and then her preschool. This was our first week home alone together in a while — and this week felt like a true vacation. And I have finally learned how to transfer photos from my phone to the computer.

Monday, we went to the children’s museum with Soph’s good friend A.

Tuesday, we visited Soph’s new preschool for a get-acquainted morning. Wednesday, we went to the beach and then the open-gym toddler gymnastics thing at our town. I failed to photograph those main events, but I did capture some random moments around the house, which, after all, are the backbone of our days.

Sophie used her favorite blankie to become superman.

She invented a new game in which she rides her bike around in a circle, while I practice the handoff, feeding her fresh water-bottles as she zooms by. 

Notice how our patio has been cleared of furniture, for Sophie’s biking convenience. She also rode bikes with her dad, of course.

She built several pillow-forts.

She crafted bendaroos.

And we went to lots of parks. Thursday, we went to the park with Soph’s friend C.

After that, Sophie constructed a giant blanket-pool that mimics the jumping pit at the gymnastics gym. We spent a long time thrashing around in that pile of pillows, pretending to swim. Then Sophie got a little too involved with the food-coloring.Not a bad week.


One response to “This week in pictures

  1. bencycles

    All that in one week? Sounds more like a month to me! Those make believe bottle hand ups are the cutest thing ever.

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