Everything I Do is Mockable

This just in from the New York Times: housewives do yoga. And, because everything that housewives do must be deserving of scorn, then yoga deserves scorn. Some yoga practitioners actually want to earn more than $35,000 a year. How dare they. How dare they take a syncretistic, living tradition and then let it keep on living and growing, when they really should be freezing it into some purified state of “authenticity.” How dare anusara yoga (the kind I practice) actually try to unify the fitness aspect of yoga and the spiritual aspect of yoga. Even though the word yoga literally means “unity,” it’s not supposed to be about the unity of body & mind, physical and spiritual, somehow, at least not according to last Sunday’s New York Times.

But the Sunday Book Review article criticizing yoga as Posing as Fitness is followed by another article praising the enlightenment possibilities of rock & roll music, Rock of Ages. Pop music: now there’s a spiritual path that never gets distracted by commercialism, or beauty, or, I don’t know, having fun. There’s a real spiritual path. Because housewives don’t do it.


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