Pleated Underwear

Sophie is thin. The pediatric nurse actually congratulated me when Sophie went from the 5th percentile of toddler body-mass-index to the 7th percentile, because that somehow meant she went from “we’re-concerned-that-your-toddler-is-starving” to “congratulations, she’s healthy.”

Sophie does beg for candy, since that’s what she sees the cool kids doing, but when we do give her sweets, she rarely finishes eating a single cookie. She’s partial to fruit. She eats egg-whites, not egg-yolks. It’s like she’s already on a diet, without even knowing which foods are diet foods.

Generally, I am grateful that Sophie inherited Ben’s body-type and Ben’s appetite.

But here’s the major problem with having a thin toddler: I can’t find any underwear that fits her.

She’s been wearing underwear for a half-year now. I keep thinking that she will grow into the extra-small, toddler-size-3/4 underwear that is the smallest size I could find in the stores, here and in Britain. But it’s still falling down on her. What do those overachieving parents of potty-trained-by-age-one kids dress them in?

Sophie’s daycare teacher just sewed four neat darted pleats into one pair of Sophie’s underwear. She did this sewing while actually watching six kids at once, including two infants, and cooking the non-infants an organic, warm lunch, all in a house that is calmer and cleaner than I thought was humanly possible. She told me that I should sew pleats into the rest of Sophie’s underwear.

I file this one under:

a) I am a terrible parent who can’t even sew the necessary pleats into my child’s underwear but

b) I am a great parent who selected a daycare teacher who thinks of things I would never, ever, think of.


3 responses to “Pleated Underwear

  1. shanalyns

    B. Obviously, you have successfully outsourced this task to a professional with specialized skills. I’d declare victory and move on. 🙂

  2. variableclouds

    Elaine, you are too funny!

    In a fit of optimism, I bought Noah some 12-18 month underwear in England at Boots of all places- the brand was mini mode, but I just looked at their website and they seem to be closing down and will be no longer available after August 31. Do you have any friends over there that could run to a store and send you a shipment?

  3. elewinnek

    Wow, I knew those EC parents must have someplace to go. Thanks, Heather! I just ordered Soph some XXS from a regular site, and I am considering the daycare teacher’s offer to pleat all of Soph’s underwear for me…

    Meanwhile, Soph’s new favorite food is ice. Sometimes I worry that she’s pre-anorexic, but that can’t be right, when she has no clue what a calorie even is.

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