Sea Land

Sophie’s friends have begun to tell her that there is a place called Legoland and a place called Sealand and some other places near us that are extremely exciting. She has started begging for Sealand. “You mean Sea World?” we keep asking, but then we figure it doesn’t really matter, since we’re not really amusement-park people.

But I’m starting to feel a little guilty about denying my toddler these overpriced packaged thrills that are what most people visit when they come to San Diego. I reassure myself that, instead of amusement parks, we take her to bike races almost every weekend, but I have to admit that bike races aren’t always kid-focussed events:
Big Bear Shootout / US Cup #6

We also take her to the park, to the woods, to interesting restaurants, and to our friends’ cabin at Big Bear Lake.
Big Bear Shootout / US Cup #6

But she keeps asking for Sealand. So I told her that we would go to Sealand this weekend, and then took her to my version of Sealand: Scripps aquarium.

She’s already smart enough to figure out that my SeaMuseum wasn’t the fabled SeaLand that her friends had told her about, because she knows that SeaLand apparently has someplace outside for some exciting type of coloring. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t have to maintain a lie.

I think she had a good time at the Sea Museum, though.

and at the actual sea, this week too:




But, alas, she’s still asking for Sealand. Maybe next weekend. Maybe I’ll actually like it.


One response to “Sea Land

  1. amysilverman

    sealand. perfect. i was dragged to BOTH sea world and legoland during our recent trip! frankly, i can’t stand either one. ray totally busted me for being a bad sport. but i have a fish phobia, so sea world is pretty much ground zero for uncomfortable for me (since i have to pretend i DON’T have a fish phobia in front of the kids) and lego land is dumb and overpriced. i do love disneyland, i have to admit that. but i think you can easily wait til sophie is 5 to do any of it. easy for me to say — i live in a city completely void of amusement parks (of most amusements, in fact, although you’d likely disagree given your outdoor thing — there’s plenty of that, when it’s not 112 out.)

    also: sewing pleats in underwear?! are you kidding?! can’t you just put her in 2T underwear? that’s what we do/did, but it’s true that my girls are short as well as skinny.

    have you ever tried carnation instant breakfast? both my girls have it twice a day — pediatrician suggested it years ago. annabelle also eats like she’s on a diet; it’s weird. she doesn’t like sweets. even sophie says she does but usually doesn’t eat them. i can’t imagine what i did right — i suspect it’s all ray.

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