Tricycle Cantaloupe Joy

Will it jinx me to say it here? I’m enjoying having a toddler.

This morning, she woke up, begged me to push her around on her tricycle, then accepted that I was busy putting away dishes & folding laundry, so she started pedaling her tricycle herself, round and round and round the house, laughing. Even after she hit her foot on a door (she’s not great yet at steering), she just bounced back and kept going. Her joy is contagious.

Then she ate a half a cantaloupe, two bowls of cereal, and one bowl of oyster crackers. She’s mysterious, my little toddler, and a whole lot of fun to have around.

A week or two ago, she didn’t want to get dressed. I put a shirt on her anyway, she pulled it off, and just as I was exasperatedly getting ready to hector her with the lecture we-have-to-wear-clothes-when-it’s-cold-out, I realized that this was actually the first time I’d ever seen her take off a shirt on her own. So I congratulated her and asked her to do it again. And she did, switching swiftly from cranky nudist to proud toddler, proud of her new skill, proud to show me how she can now put on and take off shirts, on her own, even usually getting them facing the right way.

She’s got so many new skills: she can remember the days of the week as long as they concern when her friends will be at daycare. She can wait to tell me that our neighbor’s breath stinks until that neighbor is out of earshot. She can sit still long enough for me to braid her hair. She can turn a large box into a house/castle/boat/airplane/paint-canvas. She can almost accept that I can’t sleep by her side all night long. She can sometimes clean up most of the buttons, after she scatters them on the floor, noticing numerous buttons that I have overlooked.

She also notices flowers. Yesterday, at the garden store, the one item that she begged and begged and begged me to buy her was a tiny pink-leaved potted plant. A begonia, I think. I’m feeling pretty lucky that the only whining I have to hear is: “Pleeeeeease can I have that pink plant?” We got it, and now she’s learning to water her pink plant.

The other item she whined for, before the begonia, was a toothbrush. This particular toothbrush handle was molded into a Barbie-doll-ish figure that Sophie called “Princess.” She really wanted to take Princess home to introduce her to her other toothbrush, HelloKitty.


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