Sophie’s Newest Bike Seat

 iBert Safe-T-Seat Child Carrier

We had a frustrating ride the other day, up a large hill, heading home for dinner, while Sophie yelled from her bike-trailer: “I wanna go to the librareeeeeeee!” and I shouted back, “We’re going home now (pant, pant); we’ll go to the library tomorrow.” Again and again, we shouted back to each other, on repeat, while drivers in passing cars gave me strange looks, apparently wondering who I was shouting at. My biggest worry about Sophie’s bike-trailer is that someone will drive into it, without seeing her.

The next morning, Sophie asked for a bike-seat where she can talk to me. So we got one. She was getting bored, stuck back there in the trailer, and it was making biking everywhere harder. So now Sophie has a new seat that lets her perch on the front of my bicycle, as if she’s sitting in my lap.

Her legs are already a little long for the ibert, and as soon as she grows another 4 inches she’ll be too tall for this cool front seat, but, for now, she loves it. “Look what I see!” she says, now that she’s no longer down in the trailer, gazing only at gravel. “I’m holding the handlebars,” she says, “I’m driving you,” and then she rings my bike bell. She likes to help me signal turns by pointing with her hands. She likes to go fast: “It tickles,” she says, in the ibert — whereas in the bike trailer, it mostly scared her, because I think that trailer was a bumpier ride. She wants us to bike around with the ibert to see everyone she knows.

We still have some kinks to work out. I need to move my seat or my handlebars to avoid bumping my knees on Sophie. I need to figure out how to carry my bike-lock and yoga-mat now that the ibert has taken over my bike-basket.  But, mostly, I wish we had gotten this new bike-seat a year ago, because it’s already better. Sophie now is engaged in the ride. Sophie now is getting a true taste of why I love biking. Even the weight-distribution is better so, this morning, for the first time, I biked Sophie up the hill outside our house without ever having to walk. And, when Sophie rides in the ibert, she giggles.


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