Still Biking Everywhere

Sophie didn’t like sitting in her bike-trailer, because it felt unstable to her & lonely. But we solved this. Now, I stop at the top of every hill and say to Sophie, “We’re at a hill, now. Do you want to go fast or slow?” She always chooses fast, but she still wants to be asked. That sense of control makes her feel more secure.

Even better, I learned to place a toy-phone in the bike-trailer so that she can chat with Batman while we bike.

So our bike-everywhere resolution is working out well.

She even complained when we got in the car the other day, because I had to drive the 70 miles to work after dropping her off at daycare. She also complained two days ago when I packed only one kids’ bike-helmet, because she secretly wanted to bring her friends home from daycare, and she had assumed that the only thing that keeps us from taking home extra kids is that her friends aren’t always wearing bike-helmets. She’s pretty sweet.

I don’t know if she can smell the sun-soaked sage or the campfires (we live near a campground) or sea-salt-tang and occasional honeysuckle or rosemary or eucalyptus, but I can, now that we’re biking everywhere. The scent of my town is really wonderful. Also, the breeze. I really like the breeze. Also, I’m getting stronger and maybe even thinner and this feels good.

As my loyal readers may already know, we have adopted grandparents for Sophie. She has plenty of real grandparents who live far away, but we also added in adoptive grandparents who live close by: Bryan & Teeny. Last weekend we got to spend at B&T’s cabin in Big Bear, enjoying their fabulous cooking and comfortable home and odd movies, up in our local mountains, near where most Hollywood Westerns get filmed. Sunday, B&T played with Sophie while Ben & I went mountain-biking.  B&T taught Sophie to clap to retro rock music, while they took her to an antique car-show, a cupcake-bakery, and the town-dump (really, that’s the trifecta of toddler entertainment: we’re pretty lucky in our adoptive grandparents). And Ben and I got to bike fifteen miles, mostly on single-track, over quiet mountains.

That’s the best part about my biking-everywhere pledge (every daytime trip of less than 3 miles, not including groceries). Biking Sophie around our hilly beach-town has given me the strength to bike up mountains. Me at Big Bear


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