Pretend Rock Climbing Gym

This is Sophie’s latest fantasy: every day, lately, we play Pretend Rock Climbing Gym.

I know that soon enough, my daughter won’t be mimicking my hobbies. So I’m relishing it while it lasts. It had never occurred to me to pretend that the horizontal bed was vertical and climb my way up it, until Sophie invented this terrific game. “Climb hard,” Sophie keeps saying. Ben taught her to say that, and it’s beautiful. Once we get to the top of the bed, Sophie has declared, we get to stand up and dance. There’s also an odd part of the game that involves a pretend-treadmill, because Sophie really enjoyed the treadmill at the last rock-climbing gym she visited.

I realize that this is all an extra-clever way of evading my no-jumping-on-the-bed rule. And it’s so cleverly creative that I don’t mind. I hope that Sophie’s toddler fantasy phase lasts a really long time.


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