Panda Poop

Who ever thought that children have a short attention span has never played “Re-enact Goldilocks & the Three Bears” with Sophie.

Sophie not only has an attention span longer than mine, she also has a really lovely curiosity. This weekend was our first visit to the zoo when Sophie was old enough to ask questions. Thanks to her questions, we both learned a great deal:

  • pandas poop up to 40 times a day in the wild
  • panda poop is pear-shaped
  • at the San Diego Zoo, panda poop is turned into paper for sale in the gift-shop. We didn’t buy any. We did, however, buy a sparkly pink purse holding two stuffed pandas with matching heart necklaces. It is difficult to express how delighted Sophie is with this tchotchke.
  • The elephant with the crooked, shortened, bandaged tail had been bitten by another elephant.
  • The other elephant broke his tusk while biting that tail.
  • The vet came to look at both elephants and they’re both going to get better soon.

Now, in addition to nearly endless re-enactments of Goldilocks, we also have a new game of Panda Poop, and a new song to sing, again and again, to the tune of “Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed:”

Two little elephants biting on the tail

One got hurt and gave a yell

Mama called the doctor and the doctor yelled,

‘No more elephants biting on the tail…”

In contrast, Ben spent the weekend at an extra-long mountain-bike race in Prescott, Arizona. After “seeing Jesus” on a particular arduous hill, he and his buddies went off to explore the dive-bars of Prescott, all night. Hearing their stories now, I’m really not sure which one of us had a better weekend.


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