The generosity of two-year-olds

On most days, Sophie is as materialistic and narcissistic as the next toddler. They’re toddlers, after all.

But that’s why I want to remember today. We went to a birthday party for one of her friends in daycare, and one of the things Sophie brings home from daycare is the ability — with some exceptions — to play astoundingly well with her daycare-mates.

Today, she ran up to N: “Hi, N, we brought you a present!” She was very excited by this. Then she plunged into the bouncy-house, where she and N and M each took turns falling down so that each of them could help the others up. You had to be there to see what delight they each took in chivalry. There were a few snafus when Soph wanted to monopolize the giant shovel in the sandbox and was stubborn about relinquishing a toy to a younger child, but for the most part I was immensely proud of her, even though the party ran right through her nap-time.

Tonight, yawning, while falling asleep, she murmured, “I want N to have another birthday soon.”

I love that kind of generosity.


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