Not Napping

“Sophie, what happened here?”

“I was sleeping. Then I was, ‘Where’s my sparkly shirt?’ Then I was, ‘Good idea!'” That’s what Sophie said.

Her entire dresser had been emptied out onto the floor of her room, in a glorious pile of clothing. This happens almost every “nap”-time. Sometimes I can get her to actually sleep in her stroller, or sleep in the car, but sometimes that doesn’t work, so we resort to the bed, which really means only that she will play quietly in her room for about an hour, and that I will then spend the next 15 minutes helping her to put all her clothes back away.


One response to “Not Napping

  1. e961

    What would happen if Sophie has a bookcase in her room? Or legos? Or?
    You emptied boxes, drawers and bookcases, I thought, in order to categorize stuff in different ways. For example lego by shape one time and by color another, by size a third effort…this went on for a long, long time.
    Sometimes I didn’t understand your categorical decisions.

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