The Candyland Milestone

This is the first Christmas that Sophie is going to really notice. She has noticed the neighbors’ lights, already, and requested pink Christmas lights for our house. Our neighbors themselves noticed our relative lack of lights, last year, and gifted us with their extra light-strands: we live with that kind of suburban pressure, but we still haven’t decorated, this year. We will soon.

I know that Sophie will remember it because Sophie keeps talking about our trip to the zoo, four weeks ago, with accurate details: “I saw monkeys and elephants. The bear was stinky. We rode in a green car.” That green aerial tram car might have been the highlight, for her.

She asks questions about song lyrics, now, too. And she notices when I change the words to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

She is advancing so quickly. This morning, she asked to play Candy Land and surprised me by actually following the rules for a third of an entire game, taking turns and moving her piece forward as each card instructed, until she got bored and wanted to look at all the cards all at once. As far as I’m concerned, getting bored with Candyland is the true sign of maturity.

I look at my friends’ infant babies and can’t believe that just two years ago, Sophie was that young too.


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