So fast

This morning, Sophie insisted on pouring her own milk into her tea.  Before you panic about me overcaffeinating my two-year-old, let me reassure you that it’s just a tiny bit of decaf chai mixed with a whole lotta milk. Still, I know, it’s bizarre. My toddler drinks tea.

Then my baby made friends, on her own, at library-story-hour. The regular librarian was home with a sick-child, and her replacement librarian was so frighteningly manic that she made the boy next to us cry. All the story-hour chaos actually led to fun socializing with other complaining moms. By the end of the morning, Sophie and Courtney were fast friends, hugging each other.

Sophie also picked out her own clothes today, at the used store, where we dropped off three bags of extraneous stuff. She found two pink shirts, just her size, with sparkles. She insisted on wearing both of them, one on top of the other, for the rest of the day. And she got more complements than on any clothes I have ever picked for her.

She’s growing up so fast.

I’m simultaneously proud and wistful.


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