The Princess Cliff

It’s starting: the inexorable onslaught of Disney-princess-ness. All last week, Sophie constantly wanted to wear her “princess underpants.” I am happy that my little streaker is willingly wearing any underwear, so I am not about to tell her that Tinkerbell is not, technically, as far as I know, a princess. Maybe Tinkerbell was inducted into the princess sisterhood, at some point during my long years of ignoring Disney? They’re not even Sophie’s underpants, really, they’re on loan from her Daycare Teacher, but she is not ready to give them back. She wants all the princess she can get.

Yesterday, Sophie found a princess necklace at the park. Which Disney princess has red hair? Darned if I know. Still, I let her take the pastel plastic flowery necklace home, with the Disney-princess-portrait in the central plastic locket. Sophie kept telling each of her stuffed animals: “I found a necklace at the park and my Mommy says I can take it home!”

I had asked around, way back when the ultrasound told me I was pregnant with a girl, and decided there is no way to fight the princess onslaught.

There are, however, ways to tweak it.

Today, Sophie insisted on wearing that princess necklace around her waist. “It’s my belt-seat,” she said. “I’m rock-climbing. You hold the rope, catch me case I fall?” Then she proceeded to pretend-rock-climb, while I pretended to belay her.

I am so proud. Her princess necklace is now, officially, a fantasy rock-climbing harness.


One response to “The Princess Cliff

  1. celochick

    I think she might have found an Ariel necklace. Ariel is from The Little Mermaid.

    As for the princess thing, I think it’s hardwired because Dave and I were determined not to succumb and all of a sudden, it’s all about princesses. We don’t even indulge them in buying princess themed merchandise (this, however, doesn’t mean all her aunties and grandparents follow our lead). Nonetheless, O decided that if Mommy & Daddy weren’t going to let her be a true princess for Halloween, she could work around us and become the “Meerkat Fairy Princess.” She devised her own costume; it was pretty cute!

    So, I am glad that our girls, much to our disdain, are princesses but they’re not afraid to get a few scrapes along the way. We have a great book, “Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?” Check it out; it’s fun!

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